Top 10 Agile Estimation Techniques for Software Projects

Table of Contents

  • What is agile estimation?
  • Why run agile estimation for your project?
  • What are the different types of agile estimation techniques?
  • Which Agile Estimation Technique will be suitable for you?

What is Agile Estimation?

Agile estimation is a technique used to determine the effort required to complete a project.

Why Run Agile Estimation for Your Project?

By using the agile estimation in your project, you can leverage the benefits like:

  • More team collaboration from every individual
  • No need to re-estimate
  • Agile estimation rides out fear of completion
  • Enhanced team to team affiliation
  • Accurate release prediction according to the team performance
  • Improved sprint management

What are the Different Types of Agile Estimation Techniques?

There are many different agile estimation techniques; each has its own features. One approach is not suitable for all projects; you should be aware of your project requirements to choose the best estimation technique for your project.

1. Planning Poker

Number cards are used in the poker technique. All the team members involved in the project will be involved here.

2. T-Shirt Sizing

The standard T-shirt sizing XS, S, M, L, XL are used to estimate the task. The team members will categorise the stories according to the difficulty of completion.

3. Analogy Method

In analogy estimation, the story point from the other tasks is compared to estimate a story point for a specific task.

4. Dot Voting

In this technique, your team member will use dots to reveal the difficulty of a story.

5. Affinity mapping

Affinity mapping is used for projects with many backlogs. Team members will group the tasks that take the same effort to complete.

6. Three-point Estimate

This method operates with worst case, best case and most liked scenarios.

  • Optimistic (O): How much effort will it take if everything is on track?
  • Pessimist (P): How much effort will it take if things fall apart?
  • Most Likely (M): What is the most likely and realistic estimate to finish the task? According to the scenarios mentioned above.



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