How to Create a Perfect Software Development Plan [With Template]

Table of Contents

What is Software Development Plan?

Purpose and objective of a Software Development Plan

  • Provide effective communication with the development team and the stakeholders during the software development process.
  • Track the utilisation of the available resources by the project managers.

What Should be Included in the Software Development Plan?

Define the goals

Research and discovery

Documentation and requirements


User stories

Steps to Create Your Software Development Plan

1. Picking the right team

2. Developing plan approach

3. Creating a timeline

4. Sprint meetings

  1. Planning the sprint work
  2. Determining the sprint period
  3. QA and testing
  4. Fixing the bugs found during QA and testing
  5. Considering stakeholders’ reviews

Risks to Avoid While Creating a Software Development Plan

Software Development Planning Templates and Examples

  1. Simple MS project template
  2. IT/Software project template
  3. Excel-based project template
  4. Simple excel template
  5. Agile project template
  6. SAP project plan in MS project
  1. GanttPRO
  2. Teamgantt
  3. Instagantt




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