Are you trying to figure out the right web development company for your startup business? If so, read on to understand why the operative word here is “right” and not “best”.

Now, you might be confused as to why we say you need to go for the right web development company for your business rather than the best web development company out there. Before you write off our opinion as a typo, let us explain.

There are numerous web development companies out there that can give you what you want in terms of web development solutions. It is important to…

Many founders often feel that raising investment for a startup is too hard and not worth the effort. Or they even think that there’s no other way to succeed as a startup founder without raising tons of funds

Raising investment for any business isn’t that complicated, and there are various more accessible alternatives to startup investment.

Suppose you are a first-time founder who is at the early stage of building an inspiring startup full of potential. In that case, you will then be thinking of different ways to raise investment and might be even looking for some investment alternatives.


A brilliant idea struck you one fine day, which inspired you to build your new startup business. And now, it’s finally time to start welcoming customers to your business.

A successful startup needs a product that is built with its target customers in mind. Understand the current problems they are facing, their expected solution, and how far your product meets their expectations.

Only then, the product would be a perfect match to meet the needs of more potential customers.

Given that your product fulfills this essential requirement, here are a few more tips from my side to keep in mind…

Building a product from the ground up is exciting and challenging. If you are an early-stage tech startup, no matter the technology you are building, hiring strong engineering professionals is crucial for your survival.

Even if you have a brilliant idea, it will only work with the right people on board. So, you have to find developers for your startup that help you in your successful product development process. If you ask startup owners, most of them will tell you that raising finance comes easier to them than finding great software developers.

Having a brilliant idea in your hands but…

The path to building a startup is never a straight line. Building a successful company from the ground up is something that takes an innate drive and motivation to build teams, identify and solve issues, and ultimately, create positive transformation.

You may have an excellent product idea in your hands, but more often than not, you won’t be able to do everything by yourself. You need a diversely skilled team to make it successful. So hiring the right team members for your startup is crucial for your product’s success.

As Neoito focuses on working with startups, we are aware of…

As a CTO, I played around with technology throughout most of my profession and focused on understanding its vast technicalities. After many trial and error attempts in successful web and mobile application development, I am thoroughly proud of my understanding of most of the technical aspects required in the field.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the enormous number of technologies arising in the market daily, especially while choosing the apt framework for your app development.

This article will compare and contrast the qualities of two fantastic frameworks from the above-listed blog, namely Vue vs React. We will focus…

You have a great startup idea; you believe in this idea, you live this idea. But, having an idea just doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

You may have a perfect business plan, investors willing to pay you, prospective customers waiting for your product, and you are an expert in marketing and sales. But, what about tech? You may have an excellent idea, but it would be challenging to launch a SaaS startup without tech experience. So you need someone to support the technical side of your startup.

Many entrepreneurs try to solve this by hiring freelance developers when they start…

If you’re reading this article, I assume you must be a startup founder getting ready to create a new software product or trying to improve your current process. If that’s the case, you might be worried about your product’s success and the positive effect it will bring to your overall business.

I have a background in International Relations and Peace Studies. My experience working with people worldwide has helped me empathize with and provide solutions to people’s problems. …

What exactly are frameworks like Angular, React.js, and Vue.js? What are they used for? Who would need them, and when? I mean, a chef can go his whole life without coming across React.js and Angular. But that doesn’t mean it’s limited only to professionals in the complex world of computers and coding. Right?

Say you’re a business owner looking to take your business up a notch by creating a website or a mobile application.

You have zero experience with programming languages and code, and all you know is what you want your end product to look like.

This is okay…

Design is a crucial phase while building a mobile app, and a mobile app’s UI can make or break the application. At present, there are so many mobile app design toolkits available in the market. Best app developers in the USA are always looking for the right tool to deliver a great user experience as it has a powerful and direct impact on your user engagement, conversion rates, and consequently revenues.

As said earlier, there are many options available on the market to design a mobile application, but how do you know which ones are the best?

Before going in…


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